Practice with me anytime, anywhere: 
Online yoga classes on a variety of classes, from 5min to 90min in the styles of: vinyasa, slow-flow, tutorials, meditations from the heart, mild and mellow out classes. Classes range from beginner to intermediate.

Teaching Schedule: 
Solfire Yoga, Midtown Sacramento, Ca:
Thursday's at 4:30pm - all levels power hour
Thursday's at 5:45pm - power basics, vinyasa
Saturday's at 4:30pm - power flow, vinyasa
MomentOM, Roseville, Ca:
Tuesday's at 5:15pm - all-levels vinyasa
Tuesday's at 6:15pm - yoga + mobility

lucy activewear YouTube channel, 17min flow w/ Stephanie Birch
*free videos below

17 minute full-body flow with lucy Activewear. 

26 minute home flow with sneaky appearances by my little man. 

Short & Sweet focus on strengthening your arms and abdominals.

Eagle Pose with lucy Activewear

Flying pigeon pose with lucy Activewear

Behind the scenes with me and lucy Activewear

Yoga at play!