Practice with me anytime, anywhere: 
Online yoga classes on a variety of classes, from 5min to 90min in the styles of: vinyasa, slow-flow, tutorials, meditations from the heart, mild and mellow out classes. Classes range from beginner to intermediate.

Teaching Schedule: 
Solfire Yoga, Midtown Sacramento, Ca:
Thursday's at 4:30pm - all levels power vinyasa hour
Thursday's at 5:45pm - power vinyasa basics
Saturday's at 4:30pm - power flow
MomentOM, Roseville, Ca:
Tuesday's at 9:15am - power vinyasa

What friends are saying: 

"Great class last night, Steph! I really appreciate the emphasis you put on squatting - I recently read an article by a fitness expert where he was asked - if you had to choose only one exercise to perform at a time, squatting would be the most important, so thanks for that! Always enjoy your Yoga classes so very much!" -- Ruth

"Thank you for always having us focus on our core during your classes. I appreciate your emphasis, as not many teachers do so. Focusing on my core has helped me with my balance and makes me feel strong in my body and mind! You are so encouraging and your keep me motivated. Thank you!" -- Jessica

"Miss Stephanie! You are a minister of love! Your teachings move my body and my soul!" -- Michelle

"Stephanie! I love your classes, and I love your story! I just had my first baby in April and started practicing mostly at home with oneOeight because it works best with our little lady. Your two thirty minute classes are my favorite ones because they are about as long as my daughters contentment span, and you can get me to work hard in that short amount of time. Thanks for such great classes!" -- Allison

"Your classes on oneOeight are my favorite. Your light-hearted realness is contagious! I look forward to practicing with you in real-life someday!" --Sarah

“Your monthly write club is changing my life in the best way. I am consciously tuning in and connecting with myself more and more. My self-esteem has improved, thanks to your loving guidance. Thank you, Steph.” - - J

"Dude, Steph, you kick my ass in the best way! Hands-down, your Saturday class is my favorite!" -- Jeremy

lucy activewear YouTube channel, 17min flow w/ Stephanie Birch
*free videos below”

17 minute full-body flow with lucy Activewear. 

26 minute home flow with sneaky appearances by my little man. 

Short & Sweet focus on strengthening your arms and abdominals.

Eagle Pose with lucy Activewear

Flying pigeon pose with lucy Activewear

Behind the scenes with me and lucy Activewear

Yoga at play!