write club wednesday's

Last Saturday, I hosted another Write Club (like a fight club for people who want to write) here in Sacramento. It is a monthly series that softly kicked off in December and going strong ever since. I am really proud of the people that show up, whether it's was a one-time gig or to the ones that have joined every single month. 

What we do in Write Club is not easy

Writing inside-out takes a lot of courage and a willingness to be vulnerablewith the self. 

Not many people are willing to do it. 

They overthink it or worry about what they'll look like or if they have to read out loud (which is never to rule).

It takes guts to write. 

It took guts for me to write this out loud today

An old photo popped up today. I had a swirl of emotion and old thoughts around it. So, I wrote and shared it. And re-adjusted my thoughts and reminded myself where I am at today. 

This is a good place to start Write Club Wednesday

Every Wednesday, I'll deliver a write club prompt here. You can read, write, respond, share (#writeclubnow), or toss away. 

Like yoga, writing is healing. And the way it works is you show up and commit yourself to the practice and make it a ritual.

Through discipline, comes freedom. 

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I want people that want to be here.
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Let's get you writing. As we move forward, I'll guide you further with some tips and create videos for you from time to time. But for now, just write without worrying how to write.

Your first prompt with me below.

Today's Write Club Prompt: 

Name one of your greatest obstacles in life (past or present). Name every emotion experienced during said obstacle. What did you do to overcome this obstacle? If you're still working through something major, write down every possibility that could help you move forward.

Falling forward with you. 


PS - thank you, Judi, for pushing me forward and up with this and keeping me accountable. Always.