pyramid schemes

I used to be involved in MLM.

Multi-level Marketing
Network Marketing
Pyramid Scheme (debatable)
Cult (yes)

*a cult is not necessarily a bad thing. We actively participating in cult-like things everyday, whether we like it or not.

This was almost 10 years ago. I didn't really know what it was at the time, I dropped $500 and went to work. 

I learned really quickly that most people are a "NO." 

At first, I took a beating with all the "NOs" I got. 

My feelings got hurt. I got offended. I huffed and puffed.

I started viewing people as numbers. In order to move forward, I had to detach myself from my emotional self whilst fishing the sea of NO to find a small number of fish that were a YES. 

I was in the business for a year and a half. More like a year, the final 6 months was me slowly making an exit.

I participated in twice a week meetings. 

I traveled to stadium-wide venues for trainings and got to see some really successful life coach-type people.

I didn't do well making money but I learned a lot. 

I found a lot of value in the life coaching bits. 

To me, that was money well spent.

I learned that I am coachable and I am capable of coaching others.

I learned that most people are a NO.

Not just in networking marketing. 

People live in the NO, not necessarily in the know.

They're a NO on life. On trying. And that's it. 

I was a guest on @thejournaldeck podcast recently (you can listen here about yoga, why I've halted the picture-perfect social media bullshit, injuries, and my self-care routine). 

The creator of the podcast, Alyssa, asked me:

"If I never had to do this again, it would be..."

I didn't have a real answer for her. 

I've thought about my life and what I've done, what I've learned, and there is nothing I'd change or not do again. 

I believe in trying more than once.

Every NO has led me here. 
Every YES has led me here. 

I aim to be a BIG YES even if that means to fail miserably.

As @usjohnsons said to me the other day: "fall, fart, and fly."

I'm going to stick with that Triple F and living a gassy life.



Write Club Prompt:
Write down three of your biggest life moment NOs.
Write down three of your biggest life moment YESs.

How have they led you here?