photographing women

I stopped advertising my photography for hire long ago. Because I'm a picky asshole. Especially, when it comes to working closely with people. 

Taking photos is intimate work.

I love photographing people. 

I don't love photographing everyone.

I don't do forced. Or overly posed. I mean, I can, but it stunts the outcome.

One of my favorite things and something I'm really good at is photographing women

To photograph is to observe. It's the details. 

The most empowering sessions are often the naked ones

Where a woman is wearing little to no makeup, her hair undone, and completely under-dressed. 

The way to capture a woman is to stand back and let her be herself. 

I don't think many women have really seen themselves in this way, or not enough anyway. From this side. To be observed without being objectified. A vantage point that doesn't ask anything of her.

Other than for her to be herself.

It cannot be defined. Or boxed in. It's like writing a feeling that has no words.

I want to help more women see themselves in this way

Nearly every delivery ends with her saying things like:

"I can't believe that's me! I've never seen myself in this way."

It's powerful.

I had a list of things written for you -- tips -- on how to photograph women, but it was too much. 

Less is more.

So, I'll repeat:

The way you capture a woman is to stand back and let her be herself. 

I'm feeling the pulse to capture again.

And host another Boudoir et Brunch with my main woman, Kimberly, where we invite (aka hand-pick) women to gather and get down in the boudoir. 

Write me to be invited.



Write Club Prompt:

What does it mean to be yourself. If you're stuck, use the above scenario of a photographer "standing back in order to let you be yourself."