i don't care what pants you wear

I don't care what pants you wear.

I'm not going to talk much about that yoga pant company and that lawsuit that's currently happening. 

I jumped on the emotional bandwagon posting about it over the weekend, which I've since taken down. 

The human and emotional part of me feels empathy for the yoga teacher(s?) involved. 

The business part of me has no feelings on the matter. 

I don't have all the facts. And I am not interested investigating any further. I do hope that resolution happens with as little to no harm as possible for the teacher/s involved.

I've come to this conclusion:

I don't give a fuck what pants you wear. Be it in a yoga class and/or in life. They're your pants, not mine.

I do not have the bandwidth to care. 

When you come to class, I'm not looking at your pants. 

When we meet for coffee, I'm not worried about your pants.

I care about you

I care about my line of vision and what is within ear shot. 

Think about this a moment as it relates to your real life.

Don't open your phone or hop on that app.

Pause at what is in front of you.

This is what matters.

I wrote on a post-tit this weekend: "distractions taste like comfort."

Sometimes I feel this undercover pressure to care for things because I'm involved (be it directly or indirectly) in such things. 

And I become completely depleted stammering about "running away and turning off everyone and everything."

My energy management is everything

In order for me to prevent the "fuck everything and run" protest, I've got to remove the suction cup attention on things.

How am I letting distractions, big or small, take up space in my life?

How many times do I let myself be distracted by something that is outside my control?

Probably a shit-ton.

I was reminded of that this weekend. 

It made me yearn to be back in teacher training (which is about every other weekend now).

To be working on things that matter: internal engine stuff and continuing to nurture heart to heart connection with others. 

It's the kind of work that doesn't care about your pants.

And this weekend was a great test for me because I failed miserably.

Failure is a forward motion. 

I got my shit together (mostly) and came back to my center (and senses).

I wrote what I care about:

Being a good mom
Helping others
Making personal connections
Staying grounded
Being a fiercely loving human
Making life more fun

If there's anything you can manage efficiently in life, it's your own energy and what really matters

And the thing is, I've had to learn and unlearn some things about other people and how they manage their own energy.

I've learned to not get close to people that are incongruent in with their words and actions (the repetitive "say one thing and do another" types). Or not work with people that are just users, ones that simply want to take-take-take. I've walked away from people that rely on manipulation and victim-hood as a key to power.

Some of those example above have been my own blood, close friend/s, and teacher/s I once had and respected.

I am my upper management. 

I am responsible for my energy, the company I choose to keep, and the things I act on.

The same goes for you.

It all matters. 

It's all energy. 

If that means fighting head-on with a big company, go for it. 

If that means encouraging people not to wear pants, go for it (I'll join you).

Whatever it is, big or small, go for it. 

Your energy is contagious. 

You are contagious.

Right now, not wearing pants feels like the most manageable thing in this moment.

No pants, no problems.