hot n bothered

I had a woman come up to me recently after class and say, "I liked your yoga classes when they were easier."

She continued on about how she still comes even though she hates them and she doesn't really know why she comes when she doesn't like them.

She spoke freely and openly. And I listened.

What I didn't do is press into her about it, nor did I explain or justify.

I simply listened. And thanked her.

This woman still comes to my classes. And every time I see her, I thank her.

That kind of comment a few years ago would've wrapped me up in my headabout my teaching. 

Today, I can give thanks.
(I am not saying that happens from the get-go every time, as a recovering people-pleaser)

Because this woman feels something in my classes. 

And she is being straight up real about it

I applaud her realness.

The yoga works

The teachings work. 

The student works.

The teacher works. 

Liking something or someone doesn't mean it teaches us more necessarily. I would argue that not liking something or someone just might teach us a little more about ourselves, if/when we are willing to investigate that upset. 

When we are rubbed "the wrong way" -- it's an invitation to go in. It's not about the other, it's about ourselves.

We must expose and explore ourselves first.

Exposing and exploring with love.

As in, "oh, shit. That hurts. Okay, why does that hurt or upset me?"

We should be like toddlers more and asking ourselves "why" on life thangs. Without judgment. But with curiosity. 

Staying curious is one of our greatest teachers.

With power and grace, 

PS - I started a hot n bothered list of my own. And it's all my own damn shit. On-the-real.

Write Club Prompt:
The next time you get all "hot n bothered" (not that kind, the other kind) by something or someone, PAUSE. Stay bothered a moment. Ask yourself why.

Write down why this situation or person is upsetting you. Now turn this upset around on yourself, why am I letting this situation or person upset me? Write down why you are upset in this scenario -- this time, without making it about the other. 

In closing, give thanks (grace). Write a thank you to the person, situation (no need to give, unless you want), or yourself for being willing to expose and explore getting all hot n bothered and include what it is teaching you or taught you.