heart hustler

One of my favorite mantras is:

"Let go, let in."

I am not a huge mantra person. But this one has stuck with me for a long time. 

It's applicable in the way that I can use in real life terms, examples. 

When I let go of ________, I (can/will) let in _________.

I wrote some examples on the oneOeight blog last fall

What I wrote then, has transpired now

I recently let go of one of my weekly public classes.

And yesterday, I let go of another public weekly class I was set to start teaching next week. 

This leaves me with teaching 5 badass classes per week. 

Teaching a handful of classes per week feels just right.

I am not the type that can skirt my ass all over town teaching 10, 15, 20 classes per week. 

There are people that can do it and do it well. 

Me? Nah. 

I struggle with that juggle. Because I love creating a lot of things. And I've got a big role to play being B's mama. And practice being a good someday wifey to Tiller.

I have to work really smart otherwise I'm the type that will go-go-go until I implode and say, "fuck this shit, I'm out."

I'm 100% in on all the things I do.

I love teaching yoga

I love hosting Write Club on a monthly basis (next one is March 31st). 

I love having classes online at oneOeight

I love creating Write Club classes online on YouTube (ps - I'm going to turn-out a series on my birthday in April).

I love writing. Period. 

I love taking photos of/for people. Period.

I love talking shop, ideas, working hard, and helping people create that good life

I love retreats too. We nixed Hawaii and I hopped in on Bali in October with Veazey and Dan.

A lot of what I do is really uncomfortable and messy

Often times, it's scary

To go out on a limb and go, "hey, this is what I'm doing, if you're invested, swipe your card and come along. Or don't and enjoy the show."

That's hard to say sometimes. 

This type of work is unusual. Sometimes, I feel like I'm clocked-in 7 days a week. I also feel like I'm doing the best work I've ever done.

It's a gift. 

It takes grit.

Time is valuable

I do know this: no one is going to do it for you.

You may as well create things you absolutely love

Lean and learn. 

You'll feel every single emotion doing such work. 

You'll want to quit.

Keep going.

People will call you crazy or try to stand in front of you. 

Those are not your people.

Get close to people that say, "YES!" every damn day.

Rub elbows with idea-makers and dream-doers

Who you have around you is important. 

Where you spend your time is important. 

If you never go, you'll never know.
Are you in on your life!? If yes, say it out loud. If not, let's dig in there a bit and find out why (this can be your write club prompt of the day).

With love and grit,