Is this what nakedness feels like?

I don't know. 

These everyday emails have not been easy for me but they've thickened me up.

This is the second to last email of these daily emails.

"I have absolutely love waking up and reading your emails!  What I dislike is the end of the month is so damn close!!! Although it was only for one month, I will honestly miss the routine of seeing your words. Thank you, thank you for being so raw, personal and honest!  
Love from Canada!!" 
-- Lori

I'm not going anywhere, you'll certainly still receive these emails, just not everyday (unless I decide to do this again).

The first thing I'll do on my day off from email writing, is start to answer the hundreds of emails.

There's been several occasions where I've received over 100 emails in one day in response to a story of your own or a writing piece from a prompt that you wanted to share.

I want to take my time to thoroughly read and respond to those I've not gotten back to yet.


Earlier this month, I wrote about being naked and encouraging others to be naked. I wonder if that's the email I wrote when I was high on cold medicine. 

I'm too tired to go back and look.

Because it doesn't sound quite right to me. 

I've been seeing a trend in nakedness lately.

Not just taking off one's clothes.

More of a proclamation. 

"Hey, I'm going to get naked over here."

When someone says, "I'm going to get naked over here" vs "there" -- I'm not quite sure I believe them. 

If you're going to get naked over "here" and not "there" -- it's not really nakedness at all. It's like partial nudity. 

And --
it's not necessary to announce your nakedness.

Like, walking in to the room naked and saying, "hey look! I'm naked!" 

And everyone going, "uh yeah, we know, we can see that you're naked."

Just be naked