Write like you mean it

Stephy says...
Write like you mean it. 

Sometimes we write too softly. As though we are writing to get an A in subtly or maybe it's to sound less harsh. It's been engrained since our school days. Write neatly, must be legible. Stay between the lines. 

Do you remember practicing your handwriting for hours on-end as a child? Ensuring that every curve, cross, and dot took on the same uniform as taught. 

I only found it incredibly strange now that my son is in school and his least favorite "subject" is handwriting. As a lefty. he loathes refining his penmanship. The only tantrum he throws over homework is writing his sight words. Give him math and reading every damn day.  

He lives in a right-handed world.

I've started using my left-hand/foot more. For a lot of things. From writing, using scissors, coloring, steering while driving, unlocking doors, entering my pin number at ATMs or market machines, opening jars, stepping/leading left-foot first, etc. 

It's weird. And shaky. Frustrating, in fact. 

What if we wrote like that more? 

The weird. 


And frustrating. 

Especially what makes us tick.

If it's not written freely, you won't have the release you crave. 

It's why I'm creating a Write Club, like a fight club, but for people that want to write. And write in a way that let's go of being tidy and neat.

If you' local in Sacramento, we will be meeting every month-ish. I'm a big fan of the word "ish" so you can let go of the tether to any rules and the "should" of what's "right."

I say that a lot in my yoga classes too. I think it's one of my favorite cues. Nothing in a yoga class should be finite. If anything, "ish" should be the rule. I'd be weary of any teaching or teacher that teaches a one-way complex. Or that your body "should" look like this or that in a pose. If anything, your body should look different than your neighbor in class, it should look different than the teacher calling the poses, and should look different than a textbook sketch. 

If you don't know what I'm talking about, come to one of my classes In Sacramento or Roseville, CA.

Or practice with me on oneOeight, here is my latest class on taking up space and pair that class with this yoga playlist on my Spotify.

Back to the Write Club. It'll be more than prompts when you attend the monthly-ish meetings. We will get physical. It will be noisy. Maybe even a little demanding. I truly believe life wants to come out of you. What is written is already in your bones.

Creating a Write Club in conjunction with this yoga thang has been on the tip of my tongue since taking my first teacher training, it only took me 4 years to get this moving! I'm really great at procrastinating, sometimes.

So many of you have expressed an interest in an online version after I made this post on Instagram. I'm going to whip of something for you too. They'll land in your box with these email newsletters, to start. And we'll grow from there.

So, here we go: take flight and wing it.

With fierece-love,