Unlimited lives

Nintendo on the brain.


Unlimited lives forever!


Your brain holds on to things you don't necessarily need (like that damn nintendo cheat code above). 

It is smart.

But it's also dumb.

It's not the most reliable source, we've got. 

You read that right, we have three brains. 

Your gut (instinct, intuition).
Your heart (values, emotions).
Your head (logical). 

There's a short video on this concept here.

Science is also making such claims

I know, for me, the best decisions I've made in my life came together because I recruited all three brains. 

Not that I had words to express in past times. 

I knew in my gut (instinct, intuition). 
I felt it with my heart (emotions). 
I have language and understanding from my head (logical). 

I think of pivotal points in my life where those three brains have worked welltogether:

- That time, when I was 11 years old, when I told my biological dad I didn't want to visit him on the weekends anymore. 
- At 16, inviting my biological father back into my life. 
- And at 20/21, rescinding that invitation.
- When my friend and I didn't die Mexico, close-call. 
- Ending a relationship. Diving into a relationship.
- Ending several friendships. Gaining solid friendships.
- Recently, distancing myself from someone that only wanted to use me for their gain.
- I feel like since motherhood, I've unlocked the holy grail of my gut and heart brains.

There are definitely times where my three brains haven't worked well together.

Acting out solely from my emotions, like being so angry that I threw a burrito across a room (poor Burrito). 

Or when I've only focused on something from my head. Overthinking to the point of being paralyzed to move one way or another. 

Not heeding my gut on that said Mexico trip. 


My brain holds onto silly things, like that Nintendo code above. 

I don't need it. 

I recognize that my head brain is not always working towards the favor of the greater good. It's often demanding, self-righteous, needy, and petty as fuck

So, I've got to check that little nugget.

That's where my heart and my gut brains come in.

The three work as a checks and balances, so to speak.

It's a full-body system