Thickness is the business

This daily email gig has been such a test for me.

I was telling Ryan the other day how these emails and responses have given me something unexpected, it's thickened my skin. 

That's what transparency does. 

That's what writing the way you talk does. 

That's what being yourself does.

That's what focusing on exactly what you want to do and give out into the world does.

There's a thickness I needed to develop and it's been so fucking necessary

You'll need it in order to cut away the bullshit or the time-suckers that want toget in your way.

So, when someone wants to give me a bad time and call me arrogant assholefor posting this or that I should give people the time of day that want to nosy around to have fuel on shit-talking. 

No, thanks. I'm good. 

I had someone say to me the other day, "I heard about your emails and how you're really taking shots at things!"

Yet that person is not on my emails. 

Lot's of clucking.


My focus and time will be spent elsewhere

On the people that matter

The ones writing their stories and queuing themselves up in the force-field of living out loud.

The very people that show up

The ones reading, not the ones scrolling. 
The ones showing up in person and taking my online classes.
The ones that want to gather to connect. 
The ones saying hell yes and linking arms to bring others along that want IN.

A shout to Miss Courtenay  for writing out loud on the meaning of support. Don't just say it, be about it.

Lately, I have been more fascinated by the people posting a 1 minute #randomtalkingvideothat Ryan started, on Instagram than the accounts so intensely curated to "stay on brand." 

"Staying on brand" on social media is not the culprit. It's staying within the algorithm of your business, which I get. 

For me, it's become boring. I love pretty photos as much as the next person but they don't enhance thought, create dialogue, or show our human selves. It's not the whole.

Pretty is easy on the eyes. It's familiar

As humans, we are conditioned to be at ease in the familiar. 

Familiar is good, but it doesn't teach us very much.

Everyday, I'm losing tons of "followers" on Instagram. 

I've halted much of the everyday pretty and picture-perfect stuff.

I am stepping out of the algorithms I once participated in.

I don't want to be labeled as an "Instagram yogi" -- I am more than that.

And this feels really, really, really good to step away.

It's much more beautiful to be me anyway.