Stephy says...take one

This is not a test. It's really me, Steph, and you've likely signed up for this.

I have no idea what I am doing and I am doing it anyway. Welcome to my first go at: "Stephy says.." 

Hi! Steph here...incoming to you live (well, not live by the time you read this) from my couch whilst drinking cold coffee in my sweatpants. I just dropped off my son at school and I'm a free bird until the internet guys show up to amp up our speed. So, I may need to scoot in order to shower soon. I decided to do this on a complete whim today. No better time than one of the busiest times of year, I suppose.

You're probably receiving this email because I asked for your email or you've subscribed for yourself. You may be one of the few friends or family members that I've "accidentally" and "automatically" added to my email list (unless I completely butchered someone else's email and you're getting this by complete mistake, apologies). If that's you and you're wrinkling your nose at my words, you can scroll down to that fancy "unsubscribe" button at the bottom of this message. Don't worry, you can give me shit about it the next time we share a beer. And by "share" I mean your treat. For the rest of you, welcome and thank you for being here. Is it being here or is it reading this? Maybe both: Thank you for being here and reading this.

I've decided to start something new by plopping myself into your box with the help of some friends (dare I say) from the internet. I've always wanted to write one of these email newsletter things. In fact, my first teacher training encouraged us newbie teachers to do one as a way "to get yourself out into the world of teaching" but I was too wrapped up sharing my stuff on Instagram and felt like that was a way for people to see "enough" of me. Why add more? I was too lazy to do it, as I don't know much about putting together templates and inserting photos on the fly. So, I'll keep this simple. No frills. Plain text. Writing how I normally write a message to a friend. Thanks to the help of people like RyanRachelShani, and many others. For me, it's become like a looking glass you're only privy to by volunteering yourself (unless, again, you're one of my friends/family I've "volunteered" in this case). I don't have a timeframe of when I will bust out these emails or how often (I may write one every day in the month of January as a challenge to myself), but mostly when I have something to say on topics that range from: life happenings, stories, yoga tidbits, body mobility work that I am geeking out on, tips and tricks for being a badass, Q&A stuff, things that scare me, things that help me, people I really love, writing out loud aka "wordiness," and whatever else that may assert and insert itself here. These emails may include words like, "oh, shit" or "fuck" and "dammit." If you don't like those words, I get it. I don't either but they feel good to say sometimes. In other words, I don't plan on censoring myself and will do my best not to overthink this. 

So, I am going to see where this goes. I envision it becomes the place I share the most, in my own talking voice, if that makes sense. If you've been  "following" me on Instagram, you may know I share a lot on love, life, sometimes rant-y bits, but mostly visual and wordy musings (ps, I dislike saying "following" or "having followers", it makes me cringe mostly and I feel like a total imposter. pps, I strangely feel both awkward and comfortable saying that out loud here). This will be a place that my words get put into a box if ever I fall off the social media map (by my choosing or more likely by some hacker since that has already happened a few times). I'll talk more about my love and uneasiness surrounding social media another time. 

For now, let's start with a little introduction in case you gave me your email on whim and don't know much about me:

My name is Stephanie. You can call me Steph or Stephy. If you call me "stephynow" I may not answer you on purpose because it's not my name. I am 34, a mama to the coolest 6 year old I know, and partner to furniture-maker Mr. Tiller (whom I like to call: #thisguyandhiswood). I teach yoga and body movement locally and online at oneOeight alongside some of my favorite teachers, I write (my back burner project is to someday write a entire book), I share too many photographs of myself online but prefer photographing other people, I like dark chocolate and a good dark beer after dinner, I am quite shy and reserved in person and take a bit to warm up. Some people are surprised by this, understandably, as I talk in front of groups of people for a living and write a whole lot of things for the world to read.
Alight-y-then, this little introduction turned into a more than your average A/S/L, minus the S, so here's my L: I live in Sacramento, CA. A little chat room reference, anyone ever join those back in the day? It's weird to think you had to join a room on the internet to chat with people have a parade on an open-air comment thread. Times change. Or maybe it's the same but different.

Okay, enough of that.

Thank you for being here for my first run of "Stephy says" (special thanks to Judi for encouraging me to name it and for giving me this gentle push).

I hope you stick around and read along for awhile. 


P.S. - my website is if you are interested in learning more about me and my current teaching schedule. Sometimes I update it, sometimes I forget I have one of those thingys.