New Year (fill in the blank)

Catch a feeling and believe in something.

I've never made a new year's resolution...I don't think I'll ever make one. I like the idea of proclaiming something but I've never been one to take on such a punch to jumpstart a new year. 

I'm not a diet person. 
I'm not a detox person.
I'm not a gym person.

*Which is funny because not long ago a huge fitness chain gym wanted to pay me money be to be a member of their gyms, a part of the deal was that I'd have to post about going to the gym 2-5 times per month. I was like, "Nah, I'm good."
**That got me thinking, I say no to a lot of weird money deals like that. 
***Another strange point of reflection, I'm not good at making money. I think I have some undercover shame about other people saying I shouldn't make money off yoga/other people. Or that I don't deserve it or something. 
****I need to get over that. Because someday, I actually want to be the bread-winner in our family so Steve can take a day off or two. 

Last night, I found myself on the couch at my friend's house, in the middle of the woods, might I add. One of our favorite places to run away for a night. We had just tucked the kiddos in to their beds and I was flipping channels to set the tv to the NYE ball drop. Like the good old fashioned Times Square celebration (which I know has changed since Dick Clark's passing).

But I couldn't, for the life of me, find it that good old fashioned coverage.

The only thing I could find was some local coverage back in our hometown. Which was terribly boring. 

I was feeling nostalgic. Maybe sentimental? I don't know if that's the right word.

Desiring something from the past to be in the present, I guess. 

It got me wondering why people come up with resolutions, maybe it's a feeling. 

Or. To feel something

Changing a habit, starting something new, taking on pumping iron, getting a move on in class, or a diet, etc

Maybe it's all to just feel new. 

Heck, feel alive. People are starving for aliveness.

Being alive, like really in your Being has a lot to do with feeling.

When you feel something, you believe something.

And I think people are looking for that within themselves. 

Say, even if it's for a few weeks in January.

But that you know the thing about those resolutions, and marrying yourself to them, even for a short time is that you learn, deep-down, what you're fucking capable of when you put your mind and body to it.

And. No one can deny their own will power.

Whether it's a day, three days, three weeks, or three months.

With love - guts - and - feeling - alive - as fuck,