Leading people on

Staying longer than necessary

Have you ever led someone on?

I've read that question 4 times, it doesn't look right or sound right in my head. 

Lead vs Led. 

I don't know. I'm too lazy to look it up. You get what I'm trying to say. 

Feel free to write me the right. 

I led an ex boyfriend on probably two years too long. 

It was a shitty thing for me to do. I justified my being honest in the department of "never wanting to get married" and "never wanting kids" as a way to keep. 

And while I knew he wanted those things, he was willing to wait for those things. I think he thought I'd be the one to change my mind. 

And I never did. 

At least not for him, anyway. 

Eventually, it became too painful for the both of us. Both waiting on the other that was never going to happen. 

One day, the relationship imploded

I left everything but the clothes I could shove in my suitcases.

I'm really good at taking only what I need

I've never had much attachment to things. 

I pack light.

Even when I travel, I'll wear the shit out of the same shirt, dress, or jeans. 

Heck, I do the same when I'm home.

Some of my shirts have holes in them. Steve hates that I have things with holes in them. He's way more put together than I am.

When we go out...
I favor the whole not-put-together-put-together look. 

He's the actual put-together-put-together look.

He looks more sharp than I ever do.

I simultaneously hate and love that about us.

With Steve, it bothers him when I let our 6 year old wear mismatching socks to school. 

We bickered about that this morning. 

He says, "I put things together for a living. Every piece has its matching place." 

He makes custom furniture for a living. 

I had an ah-ha moment when he said that this morning. 
(Science says we live for ah-ha moments. Rather, that we really love them)

I didn't tell Steve his explanation gave me an ah-ha. I'll let him read it here and be the adult that I am and not let him have it out loud.

He and I are total opposites.

What I love most about him are the things that drives me bat shit too. 

Like agreeing to disagree about mismatching socks. 

He won today, though.