I want back in

I want back in

"Hey, I unsubscribed to your emails because you really pissed me off in one of them. And then I realized I was wrong. You are writing truth. May I be added to your list again?"

The answer is no. It's not up to me, in fact.

My email program will not let me add anyone that has unsubscribed. It looks like this:

[xxxxxx @ gmail.com] has been removed, and cannot be resubscribed by you. To prevent false spam complaints, they'll need to resubscribe of their own free will.

I don't have a subscribe button on my website. 

Which brings me to my next point. 

I am not writing to piss people off. 

I am not writing to be liked.

I am writing down stories and experiences from my own perspective. 

This is an experimentation of me.

Part of writing your stories is your ability to write from your own experiences and biased opinions. 

I'm not interested in the neediness of sugar-coating.

Some of these writings are "unfinished" or don't have some "grandiose lesson" or conclusion. 

My life is unfinished.

I have some lessons.


Here's the thing about writing....

You have to do it your way.

Toss out the rules.

Don't worry about grammar, misspellings, and phrasing. 

People keep wanting to "correct" my writing. They'll email me, message me, they call it out on my social media posts. 

There's a whole advisory board out there. 

Every time you put yourself out there, here they come.

I'm not opposed but I'm also not asking for it. If I am asking, you'll know it. Trust.




We are trapped by this facade of needing to cover ourselves or change ourselves to fit some bullshit mold.  

Let that shit go.

Write like you talk

Keep it moving.

You are your audience

Even when you share your work with others.

You are your audience and your biggest fan.

Keep it going.

This is why I created a Write Club, a monthly gathering. 

This is why I am creating an online version for Write Club.
A version of what we do in person when we write together.
Yoga + writing.