I need space

spacing out

I mostly practice yoga at home

If yoga studios had daycare, I'd pop into take class multiple times a week. 

I now understand why so many parents have gym memberships. It's way easier to plop your kids off into a cube of supervised entertainment and go on about your workout. 

Yoga studios are behind in that concept. 

I understand it's probably a pretty penny but damn, I'd pay for that coverage. 

Side-note: I'd totally support a local brunch spot at a restaurant if they offered daycare too. Hell, any business, for that matter.

When I am able to get to a studio, I often practice somewhere that I don't teach

I like being anonymous, sometimes. 

It's not that I don't enjoy practicing at the places I teach.

I'd rather skip the feeling of coming off as rude if I'm not upbeat or feeling customer service-y.


I do the same (needing space) thing at home too. 

Sometimes I'll sleep on the couch at night. 

Steve doesn't love that at all

And it's not because we've had a fight.

I just like playing tug-o-war with the blankets by myself. 

Instead of ripping them away him with a win


I was this way as a child

When I'd get sent to my room for getting in trouble (ps - super rare since I was a rule-follower like I mentioned before), it was never a punishment to me. 

I liked being alone. As the oldest of 5 siblings, it's not hard to understand why.


I don't want to call this some hippie-dippy shit. 

This is just me, sometimes needing some space. 

It doesn't mean I don't love people or what I do any less. 

If anything, it helps me to love people and what I do even more.