Don't forget to be 6

This is short-ish. Read every line. 

Don't forget to be 6: 

When it's nighttime here, can you you show me parts of the world that get to have the sun?

What do dogs provide for us?

I don't see the point in coloring inside the lines, here. 

I'm building a contraption and it's taking every bit of my focus to get it done.

I don't like bees so much because they sting me but they can stay here awhile to pollinate.

If there are no trees, we cannot breathe.

I have a spin move that appears to be a cannonball jump but it's really not, want to see?

I want to be Darth Vader because there's always good in every one of us.

I wish you didn't have to teach yoga all the time because that means it's not a me and you day.  

Did you know that there are billions of stars, all you need to do is look up, they blink!

Did you see that dragonfly? He zoomed right by my head in the pool, I think he's thirsty!

I can hold my breath underwater for 16 seconds! I'm working my way up to Dad's record!

I love you mad. That means I love you but I'm mad at you.

Sometimes I feel so much energy that it wiggles out of my body and makes noises out of my mouth, do you get that sometimes too?

I need some quiet time, sometimes the world is so loud for my ears.

My heart just can't take this sadness anymore. 

Did you ever fly in your dreams? I did last night!

Artichokes are my favorite, can we have them for dinner every night?

I like when my skin gets tan.

I'm pretty sure that I'm 6 years old tall now.

Did you know there's a man on the moon

Handwriting is the worst invention ever right now.

Can you and dad get married tomorrow so you can have another baby?

Sometimes my farts feel really hot, does that happen to you?

I really like coffee and taking my time to eat.

I want to be a Judo Sansei and a pizza maker. 

What was it like to have me inside your belly

I was still nice to the kid that was mean to me today at school. 

Numbers just agree with me. I can do them in my head.

It's such a beautiful day today. It even smells so beautiful today. Can you smell it? I can smell it.

I'm pretty sure I was funny was I was born.

The better your aim, the better your game.

Singing the poop song in the shower might be my most favorite part of my day.

Did you know my wife lives in Canada? I don't remember her name because it's been so long since I've been with her. You guys will have to come meet her because I totally got married before you and dadWeird, right?!

I love you more than the whole island.

*One-liners-ish by B (my son).

It's good to be 6. Don't forget to be 6, sometimes.