Are you from the midwest?


I get this question often. People have asked me online after watching or listening to me speak. They've come up to me after teaching yoga classes (had someone yesterday ask me this after class). I've got it at the grocery market and at coffee shops. I've been asked this question living in Southern California as well as Northern. 

We used to host dinner nights with friends and have a country/accent theme night. More often, British night. Where we could only talk to each other in proper accents. Steve and our friend, Kimberly, are impeccable with their accents. We'd eat foods, drink drinks, and watch or play something straight outta that country. 

I always end up sounding like I'm from Fargo. 

Yo, Kim, we've gotta start this dinner tradition back up!

I'm a first generation American, I think that's the technical term, anyway. Born and raised in California. I've been saying "hella" since I was 14. I'm guessing my speech influence is from my grandmother (whom I wrote about yesterday, have a read here. So many of you responded with similar stories and tears, I'm still rattling my own process and holding ya'll close).

Steve has suggested I may sound midwest to some as that region of the states once had a spike of Germans settling somewhere around the 1840s (German Revolution, I think?). Along with Norwegians not long thereafter.

I would say that the midwest accent just sounds northern European-ish

I'm a big fan of "ish."

Don't quote me on this history or geography lesson. 

Host a country/region dinner night with your friends. Bring the flavors to the table. Watch a movie, listen to their music, play a game. Learn about a place and people.