Today's yoga tidbits: grow your crow

Tuesday yoga tidbits: crow pose. Prep yourself to take flight. Start by propping yourself on blocks, like the first photo. Spread your fingers and press your palms down. Take cat/cows here, drawing your belly in. If this pose is scary, take time to feel your legs lifted off the ground, a block is great for this!
When you’re ready, whether it be minutes, weeks, months or years; place a block underneath your toes, wrap your knees around the outside of your triceps as high up towards your armpits as possible. Get your booty high. I like to call this is in class: crow wrap. It’s a wrap and squeeze, no need to lift-off. If your body is shaking, it’s building strength.
When you’re ready, play with lifting one set of toes up off from the block.
The block helps your lift your bum. It’s one way to play. Play every damn day!
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