body movin'

You are safe because you are in your body. In this practice and in life, you are your greatest teacher. This past weekend, I taught a foundations workshop on the yoga "basics." I have write that word in quotes because they're not "basic" postures, they're really fucking hard. There's nothing "basic" about them. My daily personal practice is challenged by the same postures I've been practicing since day one.
We often listen to teachers as they fuse life metaphors on and off the mat. The thing is, life is challenging, the external world is coming at you even on days you don't feel like showing up. Some things you can control and others you cannot. In your yoga practice, meaning everything, functional movement with breath, you're challenging the internal world. You are the common denominator; not the teacher, not the cues, or postures. You. We have to come back to the greatest teacher, the self.
In a yoga class, you are co-creating this practice. The students beside you are your teammates. Your breath encourages your neighbor's breath. Your presence encourages your neighbor's presence. You are empowering each other to go deep, challenge, get to an edge, and take flight in an emotional release. This is the internal world of you. We can talk about alignment and refinement all day long, bust through myths, question others, and preach.
Mobility requires awareness, it doesn't show up and give responsibility to another. If something is feeling off or tweaked, don't do it. Simply pause, check in, breathe, and take seat of the teacher within, always. Let go of right vs wrong and feel yourself, the body is far more intelligent than we give credit. Allow the body to move energy, feel vulnerable, overcome obstacles, and calm the mind. And sometimes we have to rest the whys and just BE.
My teacher gave me the nudge of love when she said, "question everything, including me."
Empower yourself to know yourself, love yourself, and feel yourself. Don't give it away, call it back. You are your greatest teacher.