lifting & loving others is the ultimate belief system

Nearly one year ago, my life changed. I entered my second yoga teacher training and started my first studio teaching job. It’s hard for me to put into words all the learnings, growth, challenges, and unexpected gifts from the past two years in the yoga world.

There were many moments where I questioned my place in the teaching world. Sometimes learning things about this world that made my heart drop. Stories and un-truths crept in filled self-doubt, thoughts of inadequacy, and I often felt like quitting before I even started. 

There are people in your life that will gift you in the most unexpected ways. Sometimes those people will push you away. Some will give you tools. Some will offer an ear or advise you. Some will say no. And through all this - the polite no, the not right now, the kindness of an ear will allow you to go off in your way and find your tribe. One year ago, I found my tribe.

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