4 moves to activate your core, lucy activewear

This summer has been a hot one for us! I’ve been starting to take my practice indoors earlier in the morning, before the sun shows her rays into our house. Not always the early morning practitioner myself, but I’ve noticed I’m ready to take charge of my day with my morning endorphin boost after a sweat session. The month of June was jam-packed with yoga, traveling, and assisting a teacher training so my body is feeling strong and I’ve carried on this month with endurance, strength, and fire. ‘Tis the season! Best way to build fire in our bodies is work our biggest muscles so July, we are keeping it fiery! This month’s heat du jour is crunches with a twist, awkward airplane balances, back-bending, plank push-ups, and forearm foreplay. Activate everything! 

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standing at attention, with intention - lucy blog post

Standing at attention, balancing with intention. 

This month I'm going to share some of my favorite balancing postures, including variations for all levels of practitioners. Standing on one foot requires focus, concentration, strength, and relaxing the mind. Often times, the balancing series comes at the point during the practice when the class has built quite a bit of fire; the body is shaking, sweat is dripping, and air flow is expanding the lung capacity. Going from one-breath-one-movement to holding a series of balancing postures will challenge the body to stay present with the breath as thoughts whizz around the mind. The body is buzzing from movement, it will be working towards containing and centering itself in these extended holds. Remember a few things before getting started: 

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