you be you, i'll be me. let's do this life in the frontline of love.

Sometimes we confuse our favor with having things always going our way. Some of the greatest gifts, or favors, have been the times I’ve faced opposition, a difference of opinion, cold judgments, feeling unseen, unheard, neglected, misunderstood, and disconnected. It’s these experiences that have required me to dig into myself. Maybe it was a teaching job I didn’t get. Or a harsh judgment from someone I respect or a joke at my expense. Maybe the finger-pointing and quiet whispers of those more interested in my experience saddled with unworthiness of this yoga business.
Many times, only seen or read from squared pictures and wordy snippets, a fraction of expression. A fraction of life, motherhood, teaching, creating, photographing, writing, a taste of truths paired against skinned revelations.
It is not the whole. I can only thank you for the love as well as the hate. Not only through my darkness did I learn to go inside, but also through having things not go my way or another’s beliefs about me. It’s made me accountable to myself in high-voltage love and action to keep on. And to bring the lovers into the front-love-line along the way. 
Without faced with such differences or always achieving a likability-factor, I would not have rung my insides and known the textures of my self-worth. You see, being likable does not appeal. I do not gravel or bask to make others feel tall by lessening myself along the way. Pedestals, stage-like platforms, curtain calls, and cutting others with mask-play is for the performers. I’m not here to puppet my way. My soul does not task me so.
We are not meant to be boxed or caged or leashed, set yourself free from anything that tethers you from being your biggest, most badass self in all the love, take no shit ways.
You are here to be you.
I’m here to be me.
Let’s do this life.
Not hierarchy, no know-it-all; together, side by side. Learning and growing and giving it all.
This is the frontline of the love-line.