Beyond the benefit of self

What does YOUR voice say? What does YOUR heart say? What does YOUR belly say?
Close your eyes. Speak to this. Speak from this. The words that travel within your bones. The words that lift the hairs on the back of your neck. The words that bring chills, that sink in, the ones that escape your breath. Speak from your body. We have enough quotes from the belly of Buddha.
What do YOU have to say? Say that. Do more. Be an ally for others. Prettiness isn’t going to change the world. Go deeper than the face. Go deep into the pain. Do not look away. Rip-off quotes are much too quiet. Bare your heavy heart and be a witness to others.
Penetrate the superficial.
Make this a tag line or headline.
We are the influencers. Our influence must go beyond the benefit of self. We are the influence generation.
Act like it.
Use your voice. Use your art. Use your heart. #penetratethesuperficial


Today. Death by hate.

I have so few words. My heart is racing with my thoughts. My jaw has been clenched since this morning. My body is in a fit, rather a rage. It is physically demanding to feel it all.
Today, I am angry and I will not hide it. I do not run from my anger. I will not keep calm and fucking breathe on. I will not numb this. Not now. Not ever. Anger is a motivator. To act, to move. To love the fucking shit out of life. My anger is loving. Prayer is not enough.
Words are not enough.
This post is not enough.
This is the world we live in. Where death is driven by hate. This thing called hate, is learned. If you stand by your homophobic ways, your racist, bigoted, classist, sexist ways, violence against others through thoughts, words, actions, or suggestions then hit the unfollow button right now.
It is unfathomable to me how we keep parading bullshit gun rights to arms that kill by the masses. A weapon that fires rounds, I repeat, ROUNDS. No one needs this weapon. I’m looking to the disgusitng belief systems, the policiticans who pocket money from the NRA, empty condolences, to profiteers, to all for the sake of “rights to bear arms” poor excuse for lack of action to reform.
Inaction is an action.
I sure hope that anger is a motivator to keep spreading love and igniting that love out loud and proud.

This is not up for discussion.

Go out and fucking love the shit out of this world.

stephanie birch

When I say you, I mean me

When I say you, I mean me.
I don’t write for you, I write for me. I don’t speak for you, I speak for me. I don’t collect for you, I collect for me. I don’t create for you, I create for me.
Like pages to a diary, this has become a digital map of life, lessons, yearnings, and needs. It has its certainty and siphons with uncertainty.
Sometimes these words are torn from my bound journal. Sometimes they start here in this text box. Sometimes they end up on folds of paper, a box to collection of passed notes, like days of classroom.
These are my words.
Sometimes they trigger.
Sometimes they chase.
Please know this.
I don’t write to trigger you, I write to trigger me.
I don’t write to chase you, I write to chase me.
If you’re feeling something within you, that’s within me, realize we are the connection to the correlation bound between the shapes of letters taken to screen. The invitation is to go inside of yourself in order to see. In order to feel. It’s this recognition within me that is within you. #wordiness

stephanie birch