Women rise. If you’re not running around wildly in support of women, then certainly don’t stand in their way. Society thrives on pinning women against each other. It thrives on men dominating women. It thrives on tearing her down from the moment society checked an “x” on a “gender” box.
The conditioning that women are primed for objectivity on stages for others is the type of system designed to degrade, rape, torture, mind fuck and even kill over half the population. There’s so much heaviness and hatred surrounding the topic of women (I’m aware all of us, this is strictly for the women).
With all this weight, we rise. And continue to do so. It would be hell of a lot easier if women rapidly increased their support of another. It’s happening, yes. I’m talking all-out-massive-action of loving and lifting other WOmen. Stop competing, stop gossiping, stop tearing, stop beating, stop damaging other women. Such small acts can lead to big change and a wild-ferocious-way-of-life with women in charge. 
And realize this – the success of another woman and her thriving in a society that wants to pigeon-hole and suck her dry is the same woman inside of you. Her success is yours and yours hers, in all of our differences and ways nurturing. 
Let’s set each other on fire and dance in our flames.