waving the flag of uncertainty

How we move in this world creates our motions within our world. Do we move with blinders and allow ourselves to be puppeteers, guided by the thoughts and actions of others? Or do we move at the call of our heart, walking ourselves and waking others to stir from their own heart space? I will not say either path is easy, both a challenge in of itself but I will say the road to our highest calling asks us to wave the flag in uncertainty and the willingness to trust in the abundance in all things. I have found that the path of walking at the call of what other people offer feels like crushing a bird in her own cage. Yet the path of following my own Being has allowed me to find comfort in myself. Setting more boundaries, honoring my relationships, and confidently not following the crowd. To some, this is confusing or they label it egotistical and to me, it is the greatest act to move from a place of self-love than to worship the lies of self-pity or doubt or anything less than feeling unworthy than the life of abundance. I want to know what moves you. We can all see each other, but can we feel each other; in our pain, our struggles, and joy and all that we create from our core? What calls your heart? Can you share it with world? 
Our vulnerability with ourselves and sharing with the world is what allows us to live large. It’s not our products, or captures, or perfected postures, or even our words. Feeling is believing.