less pro-right, more pro-love

We are often quick to judge or create stories or scenarios about the lives of others. We share our voice and opinions and surely blast our own agendas on the inter-webs, we participate in screened comment threads hammering others into battle of right vs wrong. Sometimes this little place can make people feel quite big and justified hiding behind their handheld devices. Some find comfort in faceless dialogue and thrill seek to point out the wrong of how many live their lives - on a square. Again, on a square, a screen, a place of fingered technologies. 
What is it worth to spread hate or shame to people whom you’ve not met or embraced or felt their heart in their words or their actions. To call someone shameful over photo post on the damn Internet says more about you than it does the people you accuse. 
Live less pro-right and live from a place being pro-love. Move from peace and react from love.