Stop. Pause. Burn. Be seen.

Stop the nonsense. Stop the noise. Stop the busy-ness. Stop everything that keeps you from connecting with your greatest power, your absolute, your highest self.
The magnitude of your being is representative of how much you live in love. You are not here to kiss the feet of a system that creates hierarchy for profit or bow to ancient rituals from texts. You are not here to be small disconnecting from the teacher within. You are not a page in a book shelved with bullet points and commands. You are not here to tip-toe or hide yourself for the comfort of others.

You are here to be seen. You are here to be heard. You are here to stand tall. You are here to live your way. What others say and do will not flourish your thoughts when you hold the torch of your self-worth. People will charge you with their thoughts and attempt to tame you for what they are not. When you steer into misguided truths or fall or begin to tremble, question everything. Question this very text attached to this very photo. And pause.

Take this moment and come back to yourself. Come back to truth. Come back to your artistry. Come back to your breath. Come back to your heart-center. Come back to the inner teaching. Your Soul. Your purpose. Let yourself come alive. Set yourself on fire and let the trails of hot embers steam the path for others to burn.

I love you anyway, I forgive you anyway.

The only power we hold is within ourselves. Notice when you feel something arise in you because of another. Notice the words that formulate your thoughts. Notice when you begin to say those words out loud. And then notice if you are representing love in the purest form. The moment we begin judging someone else for his or her actions, is the very moment we need to check-in with ourselves. We have to recognize that we are human and it’s okay to think and feel certain ways - even the ugliest of thoughts because that is our spirit reminding us to check in. It is not about the other person, but about the Self. To create titles or opinions about others through thoughts of jealousy, cruel intentions, littleness, undeserving attitudes is only showing where we need to fulfill ourselves. Where we are leaking energy. Where we need to re-connect.
I personally have come across such actions and opinions of the very people whom I called friends, sisters, family and many from strangers, teachers, and people who seem to think that it is perfectly fine to toss hateful and untrue words. It is not okay and - and - and yet — I love you anyway. I do. Because. Because I understand how powerful forgiveness is because I forgive myself every damn day. My self worth does not come from any place other than my own heart. My soul speaks to me through love and it also speaks to me through times where it is difficult for me to show love. And every time I step into love, especially when it seems most undeserving or difficult, it wins. I can walk away clear-headed knowing I’ve sent someone peace, knowing I’ve sent them endless love, and forgiveness.
And this is where you and I meet, in a beautiful, vast field that we call freedom. Your power does not come in loads you dish out of smallness or pettiness. Your power comes from how much you love. Love hard, but take no shit. 
Say what you feel, re-connect with yourself, and let it go. I do not want to highlight the people that try to hurt me, but I do want to highlight to tell them I love them anyway.