why you do anything is why you do everything

Give to give. The joy is in giving yourself. Your art, craft, voice, passion, pleasure, knowledge, story, love, presence and Soul. The more you give, the more you grow.
Everything is up for sale, it’s a price tag world; you can purchase likes, followings, and pay your way to validation. You can belittle others to feel tall or play bullshit power games. This is the demand of the ego, it is clever, and it’s a sneaky beast that promotes a cycle of false fulfillment.
Hunger of the deepest kind, comes from the Soul. The only cost is choosing to ignore the soul’s work for instant gratifications and selling yourself to the crowds. The Soul tasks us to go inside, move away from an audience, to be still, to listen, to feel ourselves, to fill up and serve, empty the waste, and continue to heal and give our reality to ourselves and others. Every moment we do not move from the soul, we are selling ourselves short. 
Your value does not rest in the attentions of purchasing powers. Your value does not rest in being good at press handstands or backbends. Your value is not worn in the clothes your wear or the products you use. Your value is not up for competition or playing victim. You are so much more than all that shit. Your value is determined by your why. Why you started the work within. Why you are called to do this work. My why brings me to tears and guts me. My why moves me into radical self love and action that continues to guide me in my own unique way. My why is motherhood. My why is my depression. My why is to continue to do the work from the inside-out, not the outside-in. My why is yoga. My why is to teach others about themselves. My why is stand strong, brave, bold, vulnerable, and honest on my best days, as well as my worst. My why is my curiosity and wonder. My why is my reality.
Let your why be known. Let it be felt. Be fucking seen. Exactly as you are as the hero within. As you reveal your hero, you awaken others as their own hero. Rise up and give yourself away. It’s in your presence, your breath, your love. The point of it all is to make it purposeful, leading with endless curiosity and wonder. We are here to give it away, that’s the joy.