awakening does not scheme

There is choice in every moment. Lessons learned in this life. If we are always guided by mimicry and molding ourselves according to others, we will not find rest. Awakening does not take place in scheming our way through life. It takes place when we choose to break the heart ripping the flesh in vulnerability. The path of soul freedom is to remember that of our child self, that of our conception, and beyond - not as a way of living backwards, but inclusive of all lives. To remember and to love - to feel it, breathe it, allowing to seep out and in through our pores. 
Do not worry of the plans of others; their choices, their sacrifices in the superficial. The soul’s work is to love. It does not cheat, or hide, or exclude, or manipulate, or mold in its truth - it just is. Loving in every fiber and all.