Hey, bossypants, let's talk.

Hey, bossypants, let’s talk.
Somehow-some way, we’ve made it okay to intrude on others. Maybe okay isn’t the word. I think you get what I mean. So many opinions tossing around, so many offensives guarding up. What if we stopped looking around at others in order to form opinions on how other people live. What if we stopping hunting for things and people to be offended by. What if we utilized that energy to feed our own lives and allowed others to live theirs. I’m not saying we can’t have opinions, I’m saying let’s work to keep them to ourselves. Let’s get worked up about our own lives, instead of others. That is what changes the world; changing yourself, loving yourself. Bashing, stepping, or hating on others doesn’t make you stronger, taller, or wiser. The strongest people I know are often the softest, most genuine, and fierce with their love.

Recently, people have mentioned I’ve changed. Some have opined their disproval for various things: teaching, writing, what I share and don’t, from real life to social media, that I’m too light therefore I must not be real anymore, requests to speak on depression, how I’ve posted an ad, their wishes for the old, etc. Listen, I hear you. I see you. I get it. I post about life. I write my mood. I share yoga when I want. I have amazing opportunity gigs that are creative and also keep food on the table. My yoga is in real life, not just a square. My life is constantly changing. This place, social media, is a form of such expression, with integrity. It’s something I’m grateful for, to land and drop off. I aim to connect, give and love here, I don’t count the number ticks. I sometimes cringe when people ask me about it or say instafamous, that’s not my real life. I have felt shame about it, I’ve lost “friendships” and have had finger points, over an app. It's weird to even write about it - and this is life right now. We have apps in our lives. This app, I am grateful for the connections and the love that abounds here. And sometimes, these introductions, pay my bills. I don't know if ya'll know this, but yoga teaching is not the money-maker here. I say this not to host a pity party. It is not why I teach, I would say that most yoga teachers have side gigs or even full-time jobs. Point is - I feel this need to speak on this in hopes that you may understand that my choices are my own, not yours. I hear you, I see you, and I understand you. Truly.
I’m a woman, mother, teacher, writer, feeler, giver, and lover. I am many things, I’m not perfect. Sometimes your opinions hurt, I’m not a robot. Your critiques are not welcome here, unless I ask. Please know this: I love you, anyway. I will certainly not live up to your standards, so please take me down from such great heights and let’s talk, sans bossypants.
With love,