i like to photograph this way

I watch for the in-between. I capture a moment in movement. A hand gesture or hair flip or dress adjustment. Sometimes it’s the way one foot moves in front of the other. Or how the arms sway mid-strut. It’s the hair that tosses over lips as laughter pierces. It’s expanding lines from expressive eyes and a genuine smile.
To capture someone in a moment is to watch them from a distance. It’s to reveal a part of themselves from the inside. It’s rarely posed or planned or premeditated. It’s perfect and timely because people are naturally beautiful as they are in their ways. There’s no extras, no fronts, and fillers required. It’s the in-between and it’s my favorite way to capture one’s character. To see a subject, almost voyeuristic, to let them be stunning in the moment.
I like to photograph this way because, to me, it’s the only way.