get undressed

To see yourself, you have to get undressed. You have to look at yourself without the guards of garments. You have to uncover your truths and thoughts and beliefs and do a shit ton of digging. Without uncovering our purpose, our desires, our aching love - we are walking a path of another. Wrinkles and bumps and new folds and stretch marks represent the aging of our skin. These freckles and age-spots tell me when I’ve kissed sun. These laughs show me how often I’ve smiled - both in genuinely and forced. The rolls and folds and sags and new moles shows tell me if living. These little things represent this physical life. If my mind and Spirit is not changing, evolving, or tearing myself open - I cannot be traced. It is in transition we form ourselves into another life of ourselves. Keep digging and uncovering and searching and Being. Ever-changing. Ever-loving. Ever-opening.