move with intelligence

To know is to feel. Moving with intelligence is to allow your body to give you feedback. Let information come through so you can navigate yourself to open, challenge, strengthen, soften, and release. If we move too fast, lose the breath, or focus solely from a place of correction we may miss the wisdom and freedom of the practice.
Connection to self, connection to all.


I can and I will! lucy Activewear August blog post is up!

I can and I will! 

Your will power to do anything is how you do everything. Your will to overcome fear, your will to push your limits, your will to challenge yourself is closely connected with putting your heart in everything you do. Without heart, nothing gets done. 

This month's focus is - I can do anything! can! Two posture that make me feel like "I can do anything" is forearm stand and handstand, and for very different reasons. 

The forearm stand was quite elusive to me, as a beginner. My brain said, "how is it possible? This does not make sense!" It became my "goal" posture as a way to work towards challenging myself through the unknown; physically and mentally. I had a daily working relationship with balancing on my forearms that left me feeling inspired every single time I fell out of the pose. With every fall, I learned something new. And falling is a part of the practice. When we are falling or failing, we are growing. Forearm stand intrigued me. It inspired me. And it awakened a drive within me to understand it. My handstand relationship was quite different, it made me feel anxious and it scared me. I would avoid handstands at all costs, if I could. Often times hiding behind other students in class in hopes that I would not be called to demo such a balance. Teachers have this innate ability of picking out students that do not want to be called upon during class. With handstands, the mechanics of balancing on the hands leaves a little less room for floor management than the forearms. I had to and still continue to work through my fear of heights and handstand is something I practice because it teaches me how to move through fear.

Today, challenge yourself to live in curiosity on your mat and push your limits to move through your fear. Whether it's learning a new posture, inviting a new lens or outlook, be moved by your attitude that you CAN do anything because you will it! Step outside, toss down your mat, and get upside-down. Fall, fly, and repeat! 

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4 moves to activate your core, lucy activewear

This summer has been a hot one for us! I’ve been starting to take my practice indoors earlier in the morning, before the sun shows her rays into our house. Not always the early morning practitioner myself, but I’ve noticed I’m ready to take charge of my day with my morning endorphin boost after a sweat session. The month of June was jam-packed with yoga, traveling, and assisting a teacher training so my body is feeling strong and I’ve carried on this month with endurance, strength, and fire. ‘Tis the season! Best way to build fire in our bodies is work our biggest muscles so July, we are keeping it fiery! This month’s heat du jour is crunches with a twist, awkward airplane balances, back-bending, plank push-ups, and forearm foreplay. Activate everything! 

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let go and fly! lucy activewear, blog

Let go and fly! 

This month's focus is breaking down some arm balances. When I first started practicing yoga, I would see happy-faced people standing on their hands and I used to think, "That's awesome! Those people are probably professionals!" Leave it to the professionals, right!? No way! Yoga is a practice, therefore, you can absolutely balance on your hands or fold or bend your way with consistency, determination, and love. There's no need to rush into nailing it the first time or the second or any time for that matter but we'll breakdown some avenues to get started. 

First and foremost, have fun! Falling is one of the greatest teachings of the practice and in life.

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