light chasers: never settling in ashes, they rise into the light

Surround yourself with the light chasers. They’re the ones that have edges and foraged through darkness, they have gripped the earth, pummeled themselves and began again. They are the light beacons that know pain, but they don’t move from pain, they move from love. They are the ones that understand the others in their pain without lessening themselves or another from such depths. These will be the movers and shakers that witness the beauty in the breakdown, but they don’t stop there. They are the ones that will challenge, perhaps trigger, others by the light they give.
You understand the struggles faced by what others perceive because you know it well, you lived there for a time. But you moved on. You built a life from darkness into light and your mission will be to give birth to others by witness or reaching out your hand, it is the extension of your heart. You open your heart and support another’s breath. Without shame, without judgment. With loving and compassionate eyes. It is not my pain or darkness that matters, it is not my story that is for an audience. That is the past, I don’t live there anymore.
My hope is to move you in the present, through real time, not by happened to you; it is witnessing you through love, in the now, and steady myself while holding space for you to do the same. Only you can heal yourself. And there’s nothing attention-seeking about it. Every action, inaction, relationship, and experience will be drawing forth leading you to choice. You have the power to change yourself, take away the audience, what you have left is your own damn fire and fucking flame to burn bright and be the light. Never settling for the ashes that once was.

stephanie birch