real life, yo

Real life, yo. Reading, writing, and imbibing starts now.
Today is fresh. It just started raining here in Sac-town. I’ve slapped salon pas on a 15 month-long injury (aka slip and fall on the old tailbone) that won’t quit. I slept over 13 hours straight two days ago, that’s a first in over 5 years! It felt like a who-what-where-am-I kind of awakening experience. I am charged and ready.
Hello, Monday. Hello, YOU, yes you!
And all is well and perfect.
How well and perfect are you today?



Here’s to turning and rolling and dancing and toeing and jumping and loving into the next. Let’s keep it messy, make mistakes, do things that scare us, teach us, challenge within, grow us inside-out, and trust every bit that hops off and on for the ride.

You were born for this life, celebrate yourself and others well. I love you all the way. 

Happy new year, happy birthday, and happy everything!