What's in a pose? Enlightenment?

What’s in a pose? Your entire life and everything you are, some teachers will say. I don’t believe that to be true, not by way of shame. I’ve yet to come across anyone who is enlightened because they learned to balance on their hands. What is enlightenment, anyway? The path seems like a never-ending destiny not within reach to the average human. I have such questions in my own practice and life. It’s like heaven, to me, in a sense. Will I arrive on my deathbed? I don’t know.
What I do know is this; poses don’t make people better humans. Wanting to look like someone or look like this or that, will keep you reaching for improvement. As if you need to work on yourself or fix yourself. You are not broken. You are a living, breathing, beautiful being. Accept yourself as you are, breathe in this moment, stay close to your heart, and be fierce with your love. That is enlightenment, to me, living and loving with the utmost gratitude for a life rich with passion, curiosity, and compassion. It doesn’t mean it’s easy or that you’ll be faced with kindness all the time, you face your palms towards the sun and be big with love.
What’s in a pose? Whatever you make. It is not up the one that cues. It doesn’t mean you have to get upside down. Or bend like a pretzel. Often times, my favorite and the most-challenging pose I teach every class is seated meditation. I rarely start you there, though. But together, we will get you there, to take the great seat with yourself. Meditation, such a fancy word, in my opinion. I like to think of it as having a seat at the table of life. You don’t have to eat quietly or mimic manners. You sit and eat, tasting the appetizers, sipping the wine, nibbling the main course, and toasting off with dessert. The food is like a conversation with the self. You can hesitate to try and open in time.
Sometimes what opens us is not muscling ourselves through everything. Sometimes it takes great strength to be soft in your seat. So many of us parading the spectacles of the practice, yet how many of us can truly sit with the self? This is the practice, it’s movement that marries stillness. Weaving the depths of our nature to live inside-out. #thisismyyoga