Ordinary magic, always

You guys.
I am so fucking grateful. That is all.
I’ve spent this day on the computer, running errands, eating leftover Thai food, building magnetic cars with B-man, watching my house not clean itself, and about to plan some yoga classes. Oh. And I’ve spent a great portion of the day laughing and crying at the same time. What started out as belly-aching laughter turned to sobbing tears. From funny to sadness and circling back to gratitude.

Life is ordinary magic. All of it. Sometimes I think I forget to say this out loud. Thank you, life. You are simple. Even when its hard. You teach me to Be. This is love. You are so fucking contagious. Be big in your love, be big in your life.
Sending you all mad-wild-in-your-face love today. If nobody has told you: I love you. That is all.

stephanie birch