Keep your love loud and your selfies shameless. Do you.

Keep your love loud and your selfies shameless.
Don’t exhaust yourself into mindless scrolls or hold double-taps as hellos. Get out there and love. Have real conversations. Choose joy. Talk openly about life. What hurts, what’s hard. And then move on. Your greatest strength is the ability to be soft. And love. Holding onto to pain, hurt, regret, shame, and anger will numb the joy and peace you crave. It is no object, these experiences are weighted, living truths. Storytelling without the light will keep you cuffed to the dark. It’s important to keep moving. Even if it means wiggling your toes, jump up and down, scream or belt, if you must. Set yourself up and rise again (and again, if you must). Forgive. Fuck any excuses and don’t let bullshit in or go out. Sometimes it means putting yourself in a timeout. Stop worrying about what others are doing, what they share on social media, and how they live. No one is set to your standards.There are too many times to count all the “bravery” that exists behind screens telling me to stop. That shit doesn’t matter. I don’t turn to the naysayers to rule my life and neither should you (it’s my only should for you if you are in need of it so). DO YOU. Take aim to turn yourself on. What others think of you is their business. How you think of yourself is yours. And it’s the only love that matters. You are your great love. You will always be taken care when you take great care of yourself. Start here with you. Every damn day. Every ounce of you is contagious. Love the shit out of yourself. And give it out to the world. I promise you it is rich and it’s got nothing on what money can buy. Real shit. Life: ride or die. Life is too damn short. Live your #fuckyeslife

stephanie birch