Do your THANG!

This is the face that says no to pants, especially during triple digits. This moment is brought to by showing my “oh no” face.

Life is not picture-perfect. It consists of highs, lows, and everything between. Spend less time focusing on the external or what other people think about you and spend much more time focusing on the internal and what you think about yourself.

Loving yourself also means to recruit your highest self into awareness. With this high voltage charge, you’ll lead from your heart center, not so much guided by others and their opinions of you.

Understand this: you are your greatest love story, believing it so creates a life of consciousness into internal power and esteem. You’ll tear down the not enough belief systems, refuse to live from a place of lack or live in the past, and take charge of your life. 

What matters most is doing your THANG and living wildly present encouraging others to do their THANG. It is much more simple than our brains think it so, trust. Love it up and live it up.

stephanie birch