The rarity of this backbend

The rarity of this back-bend. This upward bow was a staple in my daily practice; from chest to wall, drop backs, legs up, straight legs, forearms down, all about bending in play or playing in bend.
And then I stopped.
For months, a half year or mor, I don’t know exactly. It changed and I changed. It became painful, exacerbating an old injury. 
Sometimes we have to stop, instead of push. Sometimes we have to get quiet in order to listen. Sometimes (by sometimes I mean always on this one) we have to follow the heart.
My back bending has become far more conservative, physically. Yet I feel far more open with my heart, emotionally. Sometimes we use the physical practice as great metaphors to life and our emotions. We move to be moved. I don’t think it’s always true that the bendy ones are the most open. Or that the strong ones are always tough to reach. What I believe to be true is the balance of both, the bend countered with strength that makes the warrior.
As such is life. The mind will change. The body will move. The practice will always be in the present. It won’t look the same or feel the same. And that is why it is a practice.

stephanie birch