Sometimes, I am not calm.

Don't fuck up your "branding" - better yet, do.

Perhaps the great yoga challenge of all? People are dying every damn day. I cannot keep calm on the state of the world and people in it.
I have a legit fear of a xenophobic, racist, bigoted, hate-spewing person stepping into office. I fear for my black brothers and sisters while they drive or walk down the street or when they have their hands begging to NOT BE SHOT. I fear for the LGBTQ community. I see dead children on the news from religious torture and my heart cracks at their cries being unheard. I read the latest reports of the Bataclan Theater from last year and became sick to stomach. We have Orlando, now Nice. And more. We have so much pain and death and blood. How can this be our world? I cannot un-see this horror. I refuse to look away from pain.
Yet - I am stricken by the silence of my fellow friends. How quiet you all are in health and wellness industry. The yoga community. Fucking humanity. Your silence screams consent. That includes social media. That includes turning away from pain. Shying away from the real world.
We can turn each other around, one at a time. Your influence comes with great duty and responsibility. It goes beyond love and light attached to what yoga clothes you’re wearing. This goes beyond your brand. Speak up. Perhaps that may be the greatest challenge of all. Use your fucking white privilege for the greater good OUTSIDE of yourself. Your brothers and sisters need to know who their allies are; it beckons your attention, your voice, your action. One on ones. Calling out, having hard conversations. It takes hard-love.
I am freaking the fuck out. Not for me, for you, my son, your children. For all.
I love you all. This hurts. I am not calm.