Family first

So many firsts in one trip. The time we spent together day in and out will be my favorite. We are a family of opposite schedules at home; always with one away, the rarity of family meals, working hours, juggling a family business, and teaching in the presence of our little-big-man has proven to be challenging. My hope has always been to build him a life while witnessing his parents doing exactly what they love. For loving what you do will never tire your bones, it will keep you growing and loving and giving yourself everyday.
This trip has given us the space and time to be a trio of real time family time. It is our most asked request and heart crush at once from our son when we are home, “when will it be a family day?” he asks nearly on the daily. More than ever we realize the importance of not filling up our days to the brim of business. To make family time a priority. To be present at meals. To create adventure at home. This trip has taught me so much and most of all, presence in the form of greatest love and gratitude. Living and loving is a form of gratitude, indeed.

stephanie birch