Everyone is my teacher

Everyone is my teacher. My current teacher is always in the moment. My favorite teacher is you. All of you.
I teach what yoga has given to me. It is simple. It’s breath, it’s movement, it’s the exploring present moment. It’s healing. It’s fun. It’s serious. It’s weird. It’s challenging. It’s growing. And wonderful. It’s all of it.
Last week, I greeted one of my classes in the beginning by saying hello with eye contact. Pausing at each and every pair of eyes in front of everyone, the whole room. We took the time. My heart raced, your hearts raced. And we both smiled and giggled. I voiced how I, an admitted introvert, have a hard time allowing myself to be seen, aside from writing. I voiced my commitment to more eye contact and a willingness to be seen and heard.
I voice my shakiness when I read in public. I show my cheesy quirks when I hint with nerves. I show you my heart, my passion, my fire, and importantly, my love. In hopes you have the courage to be seen, heard, loved, and supported.
You’re my teachers, all of you, and beyond beautiful to witness.

stephanie birch