dysfunctional admissions

It’s an everyday thing. Whether I’m tired, grumpy, wild, happy, sad, shaky, uncomfortable, too comfortable, it doesn’t matter. The how to questions begin to fade, the moment consistency begins to lead.
We become incongruent when we give up the practice, dedication of showing up for the self. We become incongruent by not doing the things we said we would do. We become incongruent when we are not willing to look at ourselves. As if the work within has a limit, or reach, if you will. Curiosity and growth doesn’t stop. It plateaus the moment you believe inspiration is outside of yourself. You have to breathe life into yourself, hold onto accountability and integrity with yourself. No one can hold that power for you. No one can control your feelings. No one is you, as the saying goes, that is your power.
We can meddle and turn a blind eye to dysfunctions. We can live in past dealings or not enough esteem. We can create stories binding ourselves to victim hood. We can do all that and bask in the added shoulder weight, only until we realize, that we have become the dysfunction.
This is the practice. This is the dedication. To show up when it’s hard. To see yourself. Not to judge. Maybe to demand better of yourself. Better of the people you surround yourself. Better for this world. It starts within. The truth doesn’t hurt so much when we are willing to see ourselves and step up to make change. Let’s take on the self and each other go big in this life. You have to be willing to step up. Actions speak louder than words.