your life is to be lived by love, not by extinguishing another

This trend of external focus has warped the realities of connection. So needy the praise. So needy the critic. So needy, you owe. For it not a double-tap, heart pop in the world without the screened fantasies of the addictions we play. Watch what you say, they warn. What what they do, they mimic. Finger taps and endless scrolls that begs, who is watching the watchers? Riddled heavy by screened to in person face time. It’s all a transfer, you cannot hide. Energy does not lie.
The worrisome ways to be more concerned with the other is what perpetuates the delusions of disconnection. The concern of one’s nature like a hand to attention, your greatness will never be tapped when your focus is that on the other. Stories created from he said/she said mind-fucks, like history of the haves and have-nots. You cannot simultaneously create your reality foraging from a place of blame and point-outs of the other. Teach not from a place of lack, what others build from their fire. Teach not from a place of past, what was is not always to be. Teach from you, self-center by why of extreme love and focus. Teach from a place of wildly yes, fiery passion and high esteem. Can you do so without the cuts and burns to execute the other. The progressions of a pose does not a warrior make. You are the warrior, spirit mind and soft by strength. 
Can you live out loud without extinguishing the flame of your brother/sister? The worrisome mind acts like a shield for you to play small. The dopamine, quick-fix, get rich schemes takes to the pulse of addictions to mediocrity. Your task, maybe the greatest of all is a rebellious act. Radical self-love, virtue of light. Transformed by darkness into love. Trauma into healing. Forgiveness to understanding. Don’t lose yourself in the details or mind traps of others. Your greatness comes like DNA from purpose.
You live.
You love.
From inside-out.