today, you are 5.

Today, you are 5. You feel so grown up to me. We’ve never been the parents to detail your growing inch or exact weight or every word or traditional milestones. I know your height simply because it measures against us when you wrap us together for “family hugs” or the fact that you can officially stand and bobble your head above water at the pool. I know your weight because I often carry you when you’ve fallen asleep in car rides or snuck yourself between your dad and me on the big bed. I know your words and the choice vocabulary you use because this is the year of the talker in you. This year, you’ve been outspoken, opinionated, and ruled your manners, told stories and worked your punch lines in crafted jokes. You also say, “I love you,” on the hour and more, so many times throughout the day, I lose count. Your hair is still long and you’ve toyed with bangs as you snuck a few snips, and hiding your scissors as the culprit, making us kick up into a giggle fit. I don’t know what milestones you’ve reached this year but I do know you took a leap into your own last week while I was gone and you now go to school. A place where your teacher has said you’ve adjusted so beautifully with following directions, helping others, learning, playing, and growing. You have a life away from home for the first time, exploration with others. You, my love-bug, have taught me to keep exploring, discovering, dreaming, loving, and living wildly present in my own heart and alongside yours. You’ve taught me to keep my inner-child alive and well.
I love you more than you know, little-big-man B.
Thank you for choosing us.
Happy-happy birthday, B.