We are one.

We are one. While each of us has dispersed back to life in the realms of norm. I’ve come to think that our norm is lived in the extraordinary moments, from home life to island life, and beyond. Little things make for a grand life. Memories planted firmly onto the skin, and into the heart. A week of every emotion, colored with turquoise adventure, wet with release, and bright with gratitude. You never truly know what another person keeps held within, what she/he has been through, or maybe even a why we’ve ended up in the same place.
Maybe it’s loading it all on a credit card to make space for new. Maybe it’s to support and connect. Maybe it’s to grieve and heal. Maybe it’s to go alone and discover that you’re never alone. Maybe there’s no label, rhyme, or reason. Maybe it comes weeks and months from now. Maybe it’s all of it. 
We shared high-pitched joy. Full-body tears. Heart-pounding fire. Belly-aching releases. We danced and sang our sweaty asses off. Inked ourselves in threes. And vested in the belief of love and purpose.
I’m eternally grateful for these humans. For being ALL-IN for themselves. Going out and giving face to the world. And saying YES to the drum of their hearts. You’ve all inspired me to continue this work of the soul, plug into my own purpose, and step into the unknown of this radical journey of life. This is the tribe.
As we return to our lives, we remain changed, bursting open, and forever united. Inked or not, we are linked, as one. 
#goforit (at Oranjestad, Aruba)

stephanie birch