"This has to work..."

This is a fuck yes life.
Life radically changes when you say, “this has to work.” Whatever “this” is for you. For me, it was/is yoga. Yoga had to work. It became my “this.” In 2012, I committed to a daily practice. It was the most selfish dedication I made to myself. A new mom. In a very dark place. Happy on the outside, dying on the inside. There are details that attempt to replay and escape me from the present, I turn to them to reflect in gratitude. I find moments to love, especially the most painful, the struggles, and trials.
It is now 2016. I live to the same note: this has to work. Only, my “this” has become all-inclusive: it is loving myself, living my truth, practicing my yoga, and saying YES to anything and everything the scares me the most. Because what’s true, my darkness didn’t scare me death, in fact, it gave birth to my life. I had to go dark in order to see, in order to feel, in order to love, in order to live.
This is a fuck yes life, a parade of darkness and light, dancing alongside each other. (at Oranjestad, Aruba)