These humans.

These humans. A few out of frame, scaling epic rocks and welcoming giant wave breaks. This day I will always remember, scorched into my heart with the sunrise, teaching yoga in tears, hiking, endless laughter, jumps, and a hushed trek back from the natural pools. I say, “hushed” because the finale hill felt like a long Savasana, a wave of emotions, high and low, and everything between, into nothingness. Into perfection. Into peace. Into love. 
It was one of those days that laughter breaks down into tears. You’re grateful for the streams that taste of the sea. You’re grateful for humans for showing up in life for themselves and another. You’re grateful that you’ve somehow made it in the same place, splashing in the same hole, and cliff-jumping one after another, encouraging each other to go - and do - and be.
This is real life. This is, indeed, a fuck yes life!

stephanie birch